Why study with the Trikāya Tibetan Language Academy?

Do you want to study Tibetan language online, but with an experienced professional translator and scholar — someone who can accurately and clearly explain Tibetan vocabulary and grammatical structures, in fluent English?

Do you have the aim of becoming literate in Classical Tibetan, but also want to know how to pronounce Classical Tibetan texts properly?

Do you aspire to learn how to speak contemporary, up-to-date colloquial Tibetan in an authentic manner, according to the most widely understood standard Central Tibetan dialect (Ü-Tsang), as spoken by the Tibetan communities in India and Nepal?

Do you need to study or review a particular Tibetan text or Tibetan-English translation in detail?

Would like like to engage in a more thorough investigation and comprehensive overview of a specific Tibetan text, according to linguistic and doctrinal analysis?

Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to read your favorite Tibetan teachings and practices?

Deepen your Tibetan language studies and expand your linguistic horizons with by studying at the Trikāya Tibetan Language Academy. Experience personalized learning sessions with a seasoned Tibetan translator and long-time scholar of Buddhist texts.

Having practiced Buddhism since 1999, studied Tibetan since 2004, translated Dharma texts professionally since 2008, and lived in the Tibetan communities of the Himalayan region for 11 years (2008-2019), Erick Tsiknopoulos offers students a uniquely multifaceted learning experience, which includes Classical, Colloquial and Modern Literary Tibetan.

The Trikāya Tibetan Language Academy provides a powerfully effective online learning experience for Tibetan language students of all levels. As a professional Tibetan-English translator, practitioner and scholar of Buddhism who has been studying Tibetan language since 2004 and working as a translator and language teacher since 2008, as well as a native English speaker, he strives to help students of Tibetan attain their language learning goals.

How it’s done: Students study directly with the teacher in one-on-one, private sessions. Classes are held live with the teacher via audio and/or video call, using Google Duo, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram or Skype. Group courses are also available.

Who the teacher is: Having spent 11 years in the Himalayan region studying Tibetan language, literature and Buddhist philosophy while living in the Tibetan communities of the Himalayan region from 2008 to 2019, Erick Tsiknopoulos offers Tibetan language students a rare insight into the subtle cultural, social, symbolic, mythical, historical and psychological dimensions of the language. This includes aspects which are often relatively overlooked outside the Tibetan communities themselves. Drawing upon these first-hand experiences, he utilizes a distinctive cross-cultural teaching approach which is bilingual in nature, and adapted for English-speaking students.

How the courses are taught: Aside from his extensive field research and various studies in India and Nepal, the primary areas of expertise which inform the Tibetan language teaching methodology of Erick Tsiknopoulos are his many years of translating Tibetan Buddhist texts since 2008 (totaling several hundred texts for various projects), his fluency in the Central Tibetan (Ü-Tsang) dialect of Colloquial Spoken Tibetan, and his ongoing Buddhist studies and practice since 1999; as well as his studies of both Eastern and Western religions, philosophy, history and languages.

What we study: Courses are flexible by design. Every Tibetan course is specifically designed to suit the student’s personal learning goals and individual study aims. For each course, students can choose to focus on Classical Literary Tibetan (Dharma language)Colloquial Spoken Tibetan, or Modern Literary Tibetan as their main subject of study. However, these three subjects are also often taught in combination.

Group courses are available upon request. Group classes of up to 20 students at a time have been held in the past. If you are interested in arranging a group course, please contact us with requests and details (subject of study, number of students, etc.). Discounts are offered for larger groups.

The Tibetan Translator Training Courses (200, 300 & 400 hours) are specialized programs which specifically teach aspiring translators how to translate Tibetan texts into English and other languages. The aim of these courses is to authentically train a new generation of Tibetan translators.

Special reading courses in Tibetan texts: As the main object of study during their courses, students may choose to study specific Tibetan texts, including advanced Dharma teachings, philosophical treatises, and modern literary works. If you would like to do a thorough, careful reading of a particular text in your classes, please state your interests. The most popular special reading courses are those focused on Tibetan texts which are relevant to the student’s personal studies, research, academic work or spiritual practice.


The Trikāya Tibetan Language Academy maintains the professional standards of student-first education. What does it mean to be student-first?

Classes are scheduled to ensure convenient class times that work for every student, regardless of their time zone.

Individual consultations are held with every new or prospective student to learn about their personal language goals, and structure the course curriculum in order to help them accomplish their own study aims, free of charge.

Homework is only assigned that is specifically useful for achieving fluency and literacy in Tibetan as fast as possible, as supported by leading research on second-language acquisition. As the Buddha always reminds us, chos thams-cad mi-rtag-pa yin — “All phenomena are impermanent”. Serious students of Tibetan must therefore focus their efforts on the learning resources which are most efficient, not busywork.

Special attention is given to students whose native language is not English, and help with English translation from Tibetan is also provided in relevant cases.

Study Tibetan with a Translator: Online Courses in Colloquial, Classical & Modern Literary Tibetan with Erick Tsiknopoulos

Study Tibetan with Erick Tsiknopoulos, a translator, interpreter, author and scholar-practitioner of Buddhism.

Our Tibetan language courses are the highest quality available for modern students seeking qualified online instruction in all aspects of Tibetan language.

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རིག་པ་ནངས་པར་འཆི་ཡང་བསླབ། །
ཚེ་འདིར་མཁས་པར་མ་གྱུར་ཀྱང༌། །
སྐྱེ་བ་ཕྱི་མར་བཅོལ་བ་ཡི། །
ནོར་ལ་རང་ཉིད་ལེན་པ་འདྲ། །

Even if you must die tomorrow, train in your studies today!
Though you may not become an expert in this life,
Your knowledge will be preserved for future lives;
Like wealth deposited and then oneself reclaimed.

– Sakya Paṇḍita (1182-1251), The Precious Treasury of Elegant Sayings (sa skya legs bshad)