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The Instruction on Parting from the Four Attachments, by Sachen Künga Nyingpo

If you are attached to this life, you are not a Dharma practitioner.
If you are attached to the Three Realms [of Saṃsāra], you do not have renunciation.
If you are attached to your own self-interest, you do not have Enlightenment Mind (bodhicitta).
If you engage in grasping, you do not have the View.

Review of David J. Kalupahana’s ‘Ethics in Early Buddhism’ (1995)

Well-written, thought-provoking, and often deeply perceptive, the late Sri Lankan scholar David J. Kalupahana’s Ethics in Early Buddhism is a concise introduction to the subject of Buddhist ethics in early Buddhism, based primarily on the Pāli textual sources thought to be historically earliest. It aims to provide a philosophical investigation, focused on history and epistemology, into the underlying principles of Buddhist ethics, as well as its relationship to other forms of Indian and Western ethical thought. Kalupahana’s core ethical analysis is centered on dependent arising (paṭiccasamuppāda) as a guiding reference point.

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