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Monthly Archives: October 2563

Yellow, Red and Black Parṇaśavarī Mantra Practices for Pacifying the Pandemic

Given the urgent need of the current circumstances in 2020 and soon 2021, presented here are translations of three separate practices of Parṇaśavarī – in her yellow, red and black forms.

A Special Mantra for Overcoming Pandemics, by the 4th Dodrupchen Rinpoche

༈ནད་རིམས་ཀུན་ཐུབ་སྔགས་རྒོད་ཟབ་མོ་བཞུགས། The Profound Warrior Mantra for Overcoming All Epidemics by the Fourth Dodrupchen Rinpoché, Tubten Trinlay Pelzangpo (1927-) Translated from the Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos ཨོཾ་བྷེ་ཧུ་ན་ཁེ༔ ཙ་ན་དུ་ཧེ་ཧུ༔ བྷི་ཤ་མ་ཧི་ར་ཧོཾ༔ ཏྲི་ན་དུ་ཁེ༔ བྷི་ཤེ་ན་ཏ༔…

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