By the Trikāya Translation Committee.

Lillian Too’s Mahashri Plaques (Chinese Translation)

Note: Lillian Too has removed the Mahashri plaques from her website. So, Lillian Too has indirectly admitted her guilt in stealing my translation. However, I have not received any message from either her or her company, since her last email to me, in which she lied about the translation being from Lama Zopa Rinpoche.  Because the item has been taken off her site, I currently do not have hard evidence that she stole my translation, unlike previously when the item was on her website. I am currently searching for someone who has the plaque, so that pictures can be taken. If you or anyone you know owns one of the Mahashri Sutra plaques, please contact me at

I am not satisfied in this situation, as Lillian Too has not openly admitted to having used my work, nor has she or her company offered me any promise that they will not use my intellectual property in the future, nor has any financial compensation been offered for her illegal and immoral actions.  Personally, I think that I should be paid every single cent that was made from the Mahashri Sutra plaques. Given her actions thus far (read below), I think that is fair. Sadly, thus far Lillian Too has not taken the chance to make herself look good in this situation, let alone do the right thing.

Lillian Too’s Mahashri Plaques

Lillian Too, the famous Feng Shui author and teacher, has stolen my translation of the Mahashri Sutra in order to sell Mahashri Sutra plaques for $96/each. She did not contact me, offer me any compensation, or even credit me as the translator. Please see her website at:

朱莲丽,作为许多人都认识的风水大师级人马,竟然无耻抄袭我辛苦从藏文翻译成英语的Mahashri Sutra。并且以每一本96美金的价格高姿态出售。出版前朱莲丽没有通知我,给我任何酬劳,甚至连提起我的名字都没有。请浏览她出售我的译品的网站:

She is selling it in both red and black. This is most definitely my translation.


I want to clarify a few things.  Lillian Too and I had a previous relationship – I worked for her as a translator, translating one of the Zungdus, giant collections of sutras, mantras, and dharanis. She knew full well that I would not approve of using my translation of the Mahashri Sutra for sale. She did not bother to contact me, and so obviously did not offer any compensation, and did not even credit me as the translator on the plaques. She cannot play innocent. She knew me, and thus especially should have contacted me. By the way, the Mahashri Sutra was NOT one of the texts that I translated for the Zungdu project. I translated this sutra almost a year ago, in America.

我首先必须澄清一些事情,我和朱莲丽有过合作关系。我曾经当过她的翻译员,翻译过其中一个Zungdu,海量的经典、咒语和陀罗尼。朱莲丽(Lillian Too)很清楚知道我绝对不会同意把我的翻译结晶(也就是佛法)当成商品拿来售卖牟利。这次无耻的抄袭,他没有在出版前事先通知我,也没有说明佛经的翻译来自何处,更不用说什么酬劳了。她绝对不能装傻,她绝对认识我。此部经典的翻译并非Zungdus的一部分,而是早在一年前我还在美国的时候就已经翻译完毕了。

Also, I want to explain something about our previous business  relationship. A month or so into the Zungdu project, Lillian Too got extremely angry for some reason, honestly probably because she realized that she could not take full advantage of me in the Zungdu business deal (she was being very cheap). I was trying to get a modestly fair deal, and she threw a fit and trashed the project. At the beginning of the project she had given me a $1000 advance. I had already turned in translation work that was almost equivalent to $1000. She actually asked for my hard-earned money back! Yes. Of course, I didn’t give it back to her. She then told me that she didn’t want to speak to me again. Honestly, I was very confused as to why she was being so negative towards me. I don’t understand what I did wrong to her. It was a very disturbing situation.

还有,我要进一步澄清之前我们之间的伙伴关系。在开始Zungdu工程计划的一个月后,朱莲丽(Lillian Too)在发现他不能从我的身上捞取任何好处之后发了很大的脾气。(真是一个贱货)作为我翻译的努力,我向她要求一些生活费,但他翻脸不认账且取消合作计划。在合作开始的时候她确实曾给了我一千美金,而我给她翻译的作品已经超过了一千美金的价值。非但如此,她还无耻地向我要回我用血汗换取回来的一千美金生活费。当然,我没有还她。之后她说她不会再和我联系。老实说,我真搞不清楚为什么她对我充满仇视,我真不知道我什么地方得罪了这个女人。这真让我难受。

And now, this. Lillian Too took my translation of the Mahashri Sutra, didn’t ask me about it, slapped it on some plaques, did not credit me as the translator, and is making $96/pop for my work.

现在,朱莲丽(Lillian Too)把我的翻译,在没有经过我的同意下,据为己有悍然出版牟利,书中完全没有提及我是该佛经英文版的翻译者,以每本96美金的暴利出售。

Thus, this new development of using my translations for her personal gain is actually not all that surprising. Some spite even seems to be at play. Nonetheless, it is morally wrong, especially because it involves a Mahayana Buddhist Sutra (which she is profiting from financially). This is the kind of thing that people start talking “fire-and-brimstone” about when they hear about it.


I would appreciate if people who sympathize with my cause could write to Lillian Too and demand that she admit the truth, and either remove the Mahashri Sutra Plaque from her catalog, give me royalties from it, or pay me substantially and fairly. You can find email her at You can also post on her Facebook fan pages. She has erased her Facebook profile recently, presumably to hide from the flood of emails that she was getting from concerned individuals.

我恳切地要求同情我的人士在看到我的这篇诉求之后致函朱莲丽(Lillian Too),要她承认真相,把Mahashri Sutra从她的作品栏中取下,归还我的版权拥有权,或给我公平的赔偿。朱莲丽(Lillian Too)的电邮是你也可以在朱莲丽(Lillian Too)的面子书上留言。不过最近她的面子书的粉丝页面好像已经被她本人删除,我想可能许多仗义人士已经针对此事在她的页面上留言。

This woman is a multi-millionaire who is very consciously taking advantage of a poor young Dharma translator living in India, using his work without offering them anything, not even credit, in order to make lots of money off the Buddha Dharma. I am a poor Tibetan language student living in India, working with good motivation to benefit the Dharma and sentient beings. I barely get by. I am not able to pursue my studies fully because I am forced to work, doing textual translations to pay the bills. Unlike Lillian, I do not have the aspiration to get rich by selling the Dharma. I am here merely to study and translate and benefit others. I offer the translations on this site for others to read and use, but not for them to profit from, publish, or sell without my permission. That is illegal, and moreover highly immoral.


This situation makes me very sad, and I hope that some justice is done. Please write to Lillian Too and request that she be held accountable for her actions.

朱莲丽(Lillian Too)的行径使我感到无以言喻的难过,我希望能够讨个公道。请写信给朱莲丽(Lillian Too)要求她为自己的行径负起责任。

As a friend recently put it, “Using a Buddhist sutra for gaining wealth in order to gain wealth for herself, at the cost of cheating the person who translated that sutra out of his.”


Erick Sherab Zangpo

我的名字是艾立奈斯 (Eric Neiss) 藏名叫色拉藏波(Sherab Zangbo),美国人

PS Another reason that this is wrong is that there are possibly mistakes in that translation. I did not think that other people would publish or use it for sale without asking me. Had I known I would have made a polished final version.


PPS I am sure that her actions are illegal. As you can see, my translation of the Mahashri Sutra is copyrighted.




Lillian finally responded, by lying and saying that the translation was from Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Wow. Does the negative karma ever end? Lama Zopa’s very rough translation is on the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive. Mine is on my website. If you take a look at the plaques, you will see that it is definitely my translation.

朱莲丽(Lillian Too)终于有所反应,她辩称这部佛经的英译版本是Lama Zopa Rinpoche所撰。这个女人可以停止再造更多的恶业吗?Lama Zopa Rinpoche的大略翻译都集中在Lama Yeshe的作品集中,而我的翻译作品则集中在我自己的网站。假如你注意其中差别,你就知道那绝对是我的翻译作品。

Here is Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s version, which Lillian Too claims is the version used on the plaques. Scroll down 2/3 down the page, under the “Improving Business” article, till you see “The Sutra of the Female Arya Great Glorified One”:

这是朱莲丽(Lillian Too)辩称她参考的版本,也就是Lama Zopa Rinpoche的版本。请参考以下网页,在往下3份之2的部位一篇“改善生意收入”的文章中,你会看到“The Sutra of the Female Arya Great Glorified One”:

(if this link doesn’t work, go to, click on “Teachings”, then “Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche”, then “Misfortune”, then “Practices for Sucess”. At the top of the this page, click on “Business Success” and scroll down to the “Improving Business” letter)

(假如这个链接被人抽掉,你可以去, 点击 “Teachings”然后你会找到“Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche”, 然后是 “Misfortune”, 接着会见到 “Practices for Sucess”.直到你看到“Improving Business”便是。

Here is my version on my website:

看完了Lama Zopa Rinpoche的英译版本,再比较我的版本:

Here is the plaque:

这是朱莲丽(Lillian Too)售卖的版本:

A cursory look at the plaque will show you that she used my version, not Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s. It is crystal clear.

比较之后,很清楚的大家就会知道这个女人所用的是我的版本,不是Lama Zopa Rinpoche的版本。

There is not another translation of this sutra, so there are no other possibilities. Lillian Too has knowingly stolen my work, a translation of a Buddhist sutra,  in order to use it for her own profit, and then lied and said her guru gave it to her. Unbelievable.

仁波切的版本显然不是针对这本经书的另一个版本,从根本上说是另一本经典。朱莲丽(Lillian Too)公然蓄意地强占别人的智慧产权以牟私利,然后制造谎言说是自己的上师所赐予地。真是不可思议。

Please spread the word, and demand that Lillian Too tell the truth, and show some respect and dignity. Lillian Too prides herself in being a big sponsor for Buddhist charities. But now she is grabbing other people’s intellectual property (Buddhist scriptures nonetheless), and uses them soley for her own personal gain, and offers them nothing in return.

请仗义人士广传这个讯息,命令朱莲丽(Lillian Too)承认真相,以证明自己懂得什么叫做尊重和尊严。朱莲丽(Lillian Too)时常自夸是佛门的大护法,为佛教慈善事业不遗余力。但她现在却侵霸别人的智慧产权(其实根本上来讲是佛法),以中饱私囊。

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