By the Trikāya Translation Committee.

‘The Supplication to the Mother All Victorious Ones’

The Supplication to the Mother of All Victorious Ones

The mother of all Victorious Ones is the basic space of phenomena, Kuntuzangmo. %

The protectress of the people of Tibet is the One Mother, the Great Lady of Kindness. %

The bestower of spiritual attainments is the supremely blissful Queen Chief of the Dakinis: %

I supplicate at the noble feet of Yeshe Tsogyal! %

Please pacify inner, outer and secret obstacles, %

And grant your blessings that the life of the Guru may be firm. %

Grant your blessings that the ages of sickness, despair, and weapons may be pacified. %

Grant your blessings that curses, diseases, and black magick attacks may be pacified. %

Grant your blessings that lifespan, glory, and sublime wisdom may increase; %

And grant your blessings that our wishes may be spontaneously accomplished! %

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

Yeshe Tsogyal, the great yogini, and mystic writer/ the rainbow body practice~~

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